Star Liquors Weekly Wow Specials

While Supplies Last

Prices Good:     June 18 - July 8


Smirnoff Vodka

1.75 liter        $16.99


Prairie Organic Vodka

750-ml             $17.99


Prairie Organic Gin

750-ml              $17.99


RonDiaz White or Gold

1.75 liter           $11.99


RonDiaz Spiced, Lemon,

or Black Cherry

1.75 liter            $12.99


Cuervo Golden Margarita

1.75 liter            $15.99




Barefoot Boxes

3 Liter                  $14.99


Sutter Home

1.5 liter                $8.99


Santa Margherita P.G.

750-ml                  $18.99


Franciscan Cabernet

750-ml                  $16.99


Dark Horse Rose'

750-ml                  $5.99


Mirassou Pinot Noir

750-ml                   $6.99


Ravenswood Cab or Zin

750-ml                    $6.49


Prices good while supplies last.  Not responsible for typographical errors.

Coors Light

24 cans

 Bud Light

24 cans


24 cans


24 cans

Stella Artois

12 packs

Leinie Crafts

12 packs

 Stella Cidre'

12 bottles



12 packs


The Management staff at Star Liquors believes that we need to be good corporate citizens. We make every attempt to ensure that minors are prevented from obtaining alcoholic beverages. Therefore, we do not ship orders via the internet. We also ask for a legal piece of identification from all customers on every sale. Thank you for being understanding regarding our company policies.